Why Choose Us

A house call pet grooming appointment provides a stress-free experience for your household pets.

In-Home Grooming

No need to stress your dog out at the grooming shop. We offer a luxury service that brings a professional groomer right under your roof!

Not a Dog Parent? Not a Problem!

Hund Haus doesn't service just dogs. We provide nail trimming services for cats, birds, guinea pigs, ferrets, mini pigs, and more.


No reason to worry about transporting your pet to and from the vet or groomer for nail trimming or grooming. House call services provide the utmost convenience for families in Central Texas.

Long Nails?

With our house call nail trimming services, pet parents can draw a sigh of relief. We save you the trip in your busy schedule. Leave the car ride for the dog park!

Meet the Pros

Hund Haus is a duo of two animal lovers with over three decades of combined experience working with livestock, exotic, and household animals.


Small Animal/Avian Specialist

Johnathon works primarily with birds and small animals. He assists with cat and dog nail trimming appointments.



Dog Groomer

Katelyn works primarily with dogs and cats. She assists Johnathon with the small animal and bird nail trims.

What Pet Parents Say

Just a snapshot of a few of our happy clients!


Happy Nail Trim Client

Talk about a fantastic team! My Goob has always had a severe aversion to having her nails clipped. John and Kate came in and were all friendly with my dog and in no time had her nails done. Outstanding! It'll be no time before my dogs nails are in shape. I'm very impressed. All in the comfort of my own home.

Kristen R.

Happy House Call Grooming Client

John and Katelyn just bathed and clipped our Bulldogs nails. They were extremely nice and had a ton of patience. Especially for our bulldog who weighs 90 pounds. We will definitely be using them for anything we need that they can offer. So glad my husband found them for us to use. They are very personable and make you very comfortable having them in your home. My daughter also loved having them over and they were very understanding for a nosey toddler (she even got to put her stuffed animal on the table to get cleaned lol). Y'all are amazing!!

Susan P.

Happy Pet Sitting and Grooming Client

I've hired Katelyn several times for grooming and caring for my standard poodle puppy. She is dependable, trustworthy, and has good dog handling skills. I also like that she is well-versed in a variety of healthy, natural dog care methods and will honor your personal choices.