Premier Overnight Dog Boarding

Welcome to Hund Haus,


your hound's vacation home. We provide overnight dog boarding for dogs of all ages and sizes in the Copperas Cove, TX areas including Killeen, TX, Harker Heights, TX. We provide at-home around-the-clock pet care in our home. For our out-of-town clientele, we provide transportation to the Cedar Park, Austin, Temple, and Fort Worth, TX areas as well.

Saffron, resident dog at Hund Haus - Overnight dog boarding in Kempner, TX

Low Stress Overnight Dog Boarding

Kennel free boarding in Harker Heights TXHund Haus offers a countryside environment located in rural Bell County. We are 15 minutes from the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport, 20 minutes from the T.J. Mills Blvd gate from Fort Hood, and minutes from Copperas Cove, TX.

Dogs have full roam of the household, including over a half acre of fenced-in property to play and lounge.

No kennel runs exist on our property. We limit crate use during dog boarding for puppy training and feeding. Daily socialization with our personal pack is given. In addition to all of our perks, you receive text/picture updates throughout your hound's overnight boarding stay.

Overnight Dog Boarding Without Restrictions

Overnight Dog Boarding Killeen TX - Hund HausAll non-aggressive and well-mannered dogs are welcome at Hund Haus. Pet owners who choose not to spay or neuter are not turned away! Unaltered male and female dogs can board upon approval. Immuno-compromised hounds are welcome. We accept blood titer testing in lieu of yearly/bi-yearly/tri-yearly vaccinations. Bully, Rottweiler, Great Dane, and Mastiff friendly! A good dog depends on the owner(s), and we understand this. While most boarding facilities charge more for "aggressive breeds", we do not!

Just because it is a weekend, doesn't mean you can't see your dog until Monday! We allow dog boarding drop-off and pick-up on Saturday and Sunday.

Holistic Pet Care

Herbs and Aromatherapy - Hund Haus Overnight Dog Boarding Copperas Cove TXWe have many years of experience working with herbs, flower essences, and aromatherapy on dogs. Hund Haus uses Wondercide flea and tick spray on premises. Earthbath and handmade soap products are our choice of grooming products. Hund Haus is raw feeding friendly! Dog boarding shouldn't cause you to change your dog's diet. We educate interested clients on proper nutrition, supplementation, dog training and grooming. Usui Reiki energy healing is available during overnight boarding at our location in Kempner, TX.

Basic Obedience Dog Training

Puppy Board and Train - Hund Haus - Copperas Cove Dog BoardingWe provide puppy board and train programs for dogs under 6 months of age. This includes basic commands, crate training, and potty training. Well-mannered dogs tend to stay in one home throughout their lives, compared to an un-trained or reactive dog. Start early with dog training to avoid common issues such as chewing, jumping, and separation anxiety! If you would like to add-on a basic obedience dog training lesson for your adult dog while boarding at Hund Haus, please contact Britney Lippke for a quote.